My Story

I’m a  lover of life, of people, of passion. Interdisciplinary Designer, Photographer. I’ve pretty much had all the jobs. A pilgrimage on the search for the ultimate tool to increase connectedness, happiness, and fulfillment.

Founder of Ahimsa-Creative, a Branding, Immersive Experience and Design based company and Co-Founder Add-Life Technologies, a Virtual Reality Brain Injury Rehabilitation company.

Currently pursuing a perfect blend of style and function for a wide range of interactive design environments. For the past 20 years I’ve helped global companies, organizations and start-ups reach business goals with user focused, interactive design.

I enjoy bringing clarity to complex problems with a people first approach. Starting in traditional Marketing & Graphic Design, I fled from a traditional path and explored my creativity, through trying my hands on various techniques and software.

Software is more than just a tool, and I try to dig deep into it. I Re-imagine what can be done with simple tools combined. Today, I obsess with critical thinking, creating empathy, intelligence and creativity to create viable and impactful solutions using these technologies.